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Sound Installation and Concert: Michael Pisaro, 2000-2010, Monday, September 20

The New Music Collective (NMC) is presenting the first decade-long North American conspectus of chamber music by the renowned Los Angeles-based composer and educator Michael Pisaro, a project curated by Jason Brogan and Sam Sfirri. A three-part event featuring Pisaro will take place at 701 Center for Contemporary Art on September 20. All three segments of Pisaro’s performance, carried out in collaboration with Columbia-based percussionist Greg Stuart, are open to the public   From 3:30 – 6:30 p.m. there will be a stereo installation of “ricefall” (2007), consisting of 64 pre-recorded tracks of rice falling on a variety of materials. Simultaneously, two musicians will perform “Exchange” … [Read more...]

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