Busby, Fullswing, 2011, gesso and graphite on panel, 72″ x 48″

James Busby

James Busby (b. 1973, Rock Hill, S.C.) is an artist and art educator. His recent solo exhibitions include those at the Reynolds Gallery in Richmond, Va.; Stux Gallery in New York, N.Y.; and the New Gallery/Thom Andriola in Houston, Tex. Busby’s most recent group exhibition was at Galerie Jean-Luc & Takako Richard in Paris, France. Since 1999, Busby has participated in more than 30 group exhibitions in New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania and South Carolina, including a 2007 exhibition organized by the University of Richmond Museum, which traveled to seven cities across the Unites States. Busby holds an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond. He has taught and lectured at Pennsylvania State University, University Park; the University of South Carolina, Columbia; Benedict College, Columbia; and Virginia Commonwealth University. Busby lives in Chapin.

Statement of support:

In modern art, several artists have worked either in a monochromatic palette or have pushed the boundaries of depth by shaping their canvases. The former include Agnes Martin, Lucio Fontana and Ad Reinhardt, while Frank Stella illustrates the latter. Perhaps as a nod to the aforementioned, James Busby has developed a unique style. Methodically building up successive layers of gesso, Busby next carefully cuts away the gesso and sands and polishes the surface, creating variations in depth and consequently challenging our perceptions of space – are they paintings, are they sculptures, or are they a unique combination of the two?

Brian Lang, Columbia Museum of Art



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