Cassidy, Storm, 2010, acrylic on paper, 32″ x 32″

Shaun Cassidy

Rock Hill resident Shaun Cassidy (b. 1966, London, England) is a sculptor and painter. He has had solo exhibitions throughout the United States. He has exhibited his sculptures at New York City’s Socrates Sculpture Park; Franconia Sculpture Park in Shafer, Minn.; the Forum for Contemporary Art, St Louis, Mo.; the Columbia (S.C.) Museum of Art; and the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, Mass. In 1995, Cassidy exhibited five large sculptures at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Marseilles, France. Cassidy holds a BA from England’s Norwich School of Art and a graduate degree in sculpture from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. He teaches art at Rock Hill’s Winthrop University.

Statement of support:

Shaun Cassidy’s mixed media works are at an intersection between abstract painting, intuitive drawing and mark making. Cassidy uses alternative processes, whiting out underlying forms with acrylic paint and exposing the forms by removing the paint, allowing the imagery to evolve through the surface of the work. These 2-D works are experiments about process and explorations of surfaces and texture. Through surface, they reveal evidence of history that is not directly influenced by the visual culture of our region. These works of art, whether they are paintings or drawings, are new creations.

Paul Matheny, South Carolina State Museum, Columbia



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