Jason Kendall Transitioner

Three Nights of Performance

Jason Kendall:

(the) TRANSITIONER: Episode I, Who Do You Love


 Thu, Fri & Sat, March 3, 4 & 5, 2016, 7:30 pm

 Admission $5; $4, 701 CCA members.

701 CCA, 701 Whaley St., 2nd Floor, Columbia, SC 29201

(803) 319–9949, director@701cca.org, www.701cca.org


As part of Dada Days In Columbia, 701 Center for Contemporary Art presents three nights of performances by Columbia artist Jason Kendall of kendallprojects. The performances, (the) TRANSITIONER: Episode I, Who Do You Love, will take place Thursday through Saturday, March 3 – 5, 2016, 7:30 pm.


Alternating on stage between a cross-fit workout carrying sandbags and playing a guitar while singing “Who Do You Love,” Kendall during his performance will present a character who is a visual mix of different identities contained within one single persona. Kendall deconstructs his ever-present fascination with what happens to the American male when the masculine identity they have developed and presented throughout their lives is suddenly stripped away and thrown into a state of identity transition, forcing them to immediately begin negotiating a new identity. Whether they are transitioning from being an athlete to a non-athlete, as was the case for Kendall, or from being a construction worker to being a disabled employee, they unknowingly face a state of flux that causes their personality to fall away at the perimeter of a catastrophic experience.


“This character,” Kendall says, “embodies what guides someone through the reconciliation of their cycle of conditional self-worth, for instance, as in my case, after a sports career. The project reflects how people immerse them selves in sub-cultures such as music, competitive exercise, comics, video games, etcetera, creating an escape from not being the person they feel they should be. They operate within a transitional state of identity providing a fantasy world to flee to mentally and physically. This type of narrative allows this character to act as a fan/cheerleader and active participant within several subcultures while offering, in my case, a disconnected southern masculinity caught in a sequence between work and play. He works to play and plays to work, blending music and physical exhaustion in an effort to entertain both himself and the audience.”


Jason Kendall (b. 1975, Columbia, S.C.) has had solo exhibitions in Florida, New York and at the Tapp’s Art Center in Columbia. He was selected for the 701 CCA South Carolina Biennial 2015. Among other group exhibitions in which he participated were those at Cynthia Broan Gallery, Secret Robots Projects and Washington Square Galleries East in New York, the Columbia Museum of Art and the Tapp’s Art Center. Kendall earned an MFA from New York University and a BFA from Ringling School of Arts & Design in Sarasota, Fla., after taking art classes at the University of South Carolina and North Greenville (S.C.) College as a member of those institutions’ football programs. He worked at Dia Center for the Arts in New York and Beacon, N.Y. Kendall taught at New York University and is a teacher at the Palmetto Center for the Arts at Richland Northeast High School, just outside of Columbia.

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