Blonk Residency Events


Residency, Performances, Lecture and Workshops

Residency, March 10 – 24, 2016


Acoustic Voice Sound Poetry Performance:

Friday, March 11, 7:30 pm.

Admission $10; $8 701 CCA members.


Lecture on Sound Poetry:

Tuesday, March 15, 7:30 pm.

Admission: free.


Sound Poetry Workshop for Adults:

Saturday, March 19, 2 – 6 pm.

Workshop fee, including dinner with Blonk: $50; $45 701 CCA members.
Workshop fee, without dinner with Blonk: $20; $15 701 CCA members.


Sound Poetry Workshop for Children:

Sunday, March 20, 2 – 4 pm.

Workshop fee: $10 per child; $8 per child of 701 CCA member (parents and other adult guardians attend for free)


Dr. Voxoid’s Next Move, a Multi Media Sound Poetry Performance:

Tuesday,  March 22, 7:30 pm.

Admission $10; $8 701 CCA members.


All events will take place at 701 CCA.


For its ongoing Dada Days In Columbia programming, 701 Center for Contemporary Art presents one of the world’s most prominent sound poets, Jaap Blonk from The Netherlands. Blonk will be in residency at 701 CCA for two weeks, March 11 – 24. During his residency, he will present two sound poetry performances, one lecture on sound poetry and two sound poetry workshops, one for adults and one for children. For dates and detail, please see the top of this release.


Blonk is a world-famous interpreter of the work of the premier Dada sound poets, including Hugo Ball and Kurt Schwitters. He also is a world-renowned sound poet in his own right and will be performing his own work as well. Blonk consistently travels the globe with his performances, lectures and workshops. He has performed in the United States several times. To see some of Blonk’s performances, go the following links:


More recorded performances by Blonk are readily available on or


“Dada art was innovative and truly shocking to most of the Dada artists’ contemporaries in the early 20th century,” says 701 CCA board chair Wim Roefs, “and it was the major influence on contemporary art as we know it now. But what was Dada then is art now. The one Dada expression, however, that still confounds most people is sound poetry, and with Jaap Blonk, 701 CCA brings one of the world’s foremost sound poets to Columbia and South Carolina.”


For his first performance on March 11, Blonk will present an acoustic, vocals-only presentation of his own work and that of other sound poets, including Dada sound poets.


Blonk’s lecture on sound poetry on March 15 will discuss his work, placing it in the context of its roots: sound poetry, improvisation and new music. He presents as part of the lecture both historic sound poetry and his own work,


Blonk’s workshops for adults and children on March 19 and 20 respectively are for vocalists, performers and others who want to explore the inner depths and outer reaches of voice, text, music and sound in an exploratory improvisational framework. Participants will work in a playful way, using games and improvisational structures. Sometimes the workshops will use short sound poems from the history of that genre and work on interpretations of them. Working collaboratively, participants will develop materials and strategies for pushing formal and conceptual boundaries to create improvisational compositions.


To register for the workshops, participants should send an email to and/or send a check with the appropriate amount to 701 CCA, P.O. Box 12822, Columbia, SC 29211, noting “Blonk adult workshop” or “Blonk children workshop” with the number of registrations for which you are paying.


Jaap Blonk’s second performance, on March 22, is called Dr. Voxoid’s Next Move. The multi-media performance may go from vocals involving mere sounds, sound poetry and other poetry and invented language to live electronic and acoustic effects and sound scapes to Solos for Voice by John Cage and snippets of lectures on odd topics.

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