Festival Participants

Kristy Bishop

Indigo Dyeing

Young artists will explore the Japanese pattern dyeing technique called Shibori.   They will fold, clamp, and bind fabric to achieve a multitude of geometric patterns using the historically significant indigo dye.  Artists will learn about the unique nature and science of this dye, and watch it change from bright green to a deep blue, as if from magic, within seconds of pulling their fabric from the vat.

Mimi Worrell

Constructing Tiaras

Every little girl wants to be a princess. Here’s your chance to be a princess for a day. Create a tiara out of pipe cleaners.



La Ruchala Murphy

Silhouette Portraits Using Your Profile

Young artists will use their own profiles to create silhouette (shadow) portraits. This activity teaches participants about light, shade and shadow. The art of cut paper silhouettes date back to the 1700s. This activity requires a friend to trace your silhouette!



Grace Rockafellow

Printmaking 101

A show and tell about printmaking. Learn about different ways to create prints using a variety of materials. After the show and tell, make a print of your own.

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