Winter is over, get your body moving…

Fixing___…with performance artist Jon Prichard, Mary Shelley and Frankenstein at 701 CCA.

You like visual art?




Getting physical?

Jon Prichard, 701 Center for Contemporary Art’s current artist in residence, likes it all.

With your help, he’ll prove it, too.

Be that performer you always thought you could be.

Join Prichard as he invites open, adventurous, creative people, ages 7 – 87 (and older), to audition for an original, interdisciplinary performance that will fuse visual art, dance, theater, sports training and ritual.

Multi-disciplinary performance artist Jon Prichard, 701 Center for Contemporary Art’s new artist in residence, is calling for creative people in the South Carolina Midlands to audition for his new ensemble performance piece, which as of yet is still without title but will be loosely inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

“I’d like to invite open, adventurous, creative people of all ages to try out for this original, interdisciplinary performance that will fuse visual art, dance, theater, sports training and ritual,” Prichard says. “If any of these things appeal to you, or you enjoy getting physical in general, I would urge you to become part of this production.”

Open auditions for the performance will take place at 701 CCA on Sunday, April 28, 2:00 p.m. Rehearsals are scheduled on weekends for May 5, 11, 18 and 26. The dress rehearsal will take place Saturday, June 1, and will be recorded. The performance’s premier will be on Sunday, June 2, with a public performance at 701 CCA.

The performance will explore the trials and tribulations of a human-like creature, inspired by Shelley’s Frankenstein, as its consciousness and mobility develops. Participants will be asked to improvise as they learn the work’s choreography and follow Prichard’s directions. The production also will feature original props, sets and costumes designed and built by Prichard.

“I am asking people to challenge themselves to reach new physical, mental and emotional heights,” Prichard says of participants.

In addition to developing the new performance, Prichard will during his 701 CCA residence design and construct costumes, props and sets for a text-mime-clowning version of the play Frankenstein by Conrad Bishop. The play’s director is Chris O’Neil of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C. In June, three actors using multi-functional props will perform the play in Charlotte. Some of the props will also be used for Prichard’s 701 CCA performance.

Prichard (b. 1980) is 701 CCA’s first performance artist in residence. The Chapel Hill, N.C., native, who in 2010 earned his MFA from Winthrop University, is no stranger to 701 CCA and Columbia audiences. With some 30 Winthrop students, the Charlotte resident in 2010 performed Micro-Cosmo at 701 CCA. The multidisciplinary performance was a spectacle with fanciful costumes and elaborate and outrageous, often kinetic constructions. Earlier this year, Prichard conducted a workshop in “Constructing Kinetic Human Sculptures” at the Columbia Museum of Art.

Prichard also was included in the 701 CCA South Carolina Biennial 2011 with several of his pen drawings. Aside from creating performances and drawings, Prichard is a painter, sculptor and printmaker. He has performed and exhibited throughout the Carolinas and in Los Angeles, New York City, Nashville, Tenn., Fort Wayne, IN, and Syracuse, NY. Prichard is a principal member of the performance art ensemble Sinergismo and as an adjunct instructor at Winthrop teaches 3-D design, drawing and performance. In 2011, he was a prop maker for the film Hunger Games.

“As a draftsman and performer, I explore visual representations of psychological states and situations,” Prichard says. “I am inspired by the challenges, obstacles, absurdities and impossibilities of life and try to transform these circumstances into stylized beauty and the cultivation of wisdom.”

“I am interested in the interconnectivity of artistic disciplines and enjoy collaborating with dancers, musicians, poets and artists from other backgrounds.”

All events at:

701 CCA

701 Whaley St., second floor

Columbia, SC 29201

For further inquiries, contact 701 CCA executive director Sheldon Pascal, or (803) 319-9949.


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