Columbia Open Studios is a weekend-long, free tour of artists’ studios in the Greater Columbia area, including all of Richland and Lexington counties. Visitors enjoy two full days hopping from studio to studio, with free admission for all. Produced by the non-profit 701 Center for Contemporary Art with support from the City of Columbia, SC and Richland County.

Saturday, April 11 (10am – 6pm) and Sunday, April 12 (12pm – 6pm)

COS 2015 Participating Artists:

  • Christy Aitken Christy Aitken
  • Jeremy Butler Jeremy Butler
  • Nancy Butterworth Nancy Butterworth
  • Khris Coolidge Khris Coolidge
  • Mike Donkle Mike Donkle
  • Clark Ellefson Clark Ellefson
  • Renea Eshleman Renea Eshleman
  • BettyEvans BettyEvans
  • HenryFoster HenryFoster
  • Diane Gilbert Diane Gilbert
  • RonHagell RonHagell
  • Lyssa Harvey Lyssa Harvey
  • Mary Ann Haven Mary Ann Haven
  • Ruby Haydock-Deloach Ruby Haydock-Deloach
  • HowardHunt HowardHunt
  • Judy Bolton Jarrett Judy Bolton Jarrett
  • Russell Jeffcoat Russell Jeffcoat
  • Alicia Leeke Alicia Leeke
  • Susan Lenz Susan Lenz
  • Patrick Mahoney Patrick Mahoney
  • Sean McGuinness Sean McGuinness
  • Regina Moody Regina Moody
  • Julia Moore Julia Moore
  • One Eared Cow Glass One Eared Cow Glass
  • Patrick Parise Patrick Parise
  • Carol Pittman Carol Pittman
  • Marie Powell Marie Powell
  • Carolyn Ramsey Carolyn Ramsey
  • Dave Robbins Dave Robbins
  • Jane Schwantes Jane Schwantes
  • John & Venetia Sharpe John & Venetia Sharpe
  • Kelly J Spencer Shull Kelly J Spencer Shull
  • Marian Soule Marian Soule
  • Laura Spong Laura Spong
  • Curran Stone Curran Stone
  • Jan Swanson Jan Swanson
  • Christian Thee Christian Thee
  • Kathryn Van Aernum Kathryn Van Aernum
  • Carey Weathers Carey Weathers
  • Charlene Wells Charlene Wells
  • Ellen Emerson Yaghjian Ellen Emerson Yaghjian

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