2014 Participating Artists

Columbia Open Studios is a weekend-long, free tour of artists’ studios in the Greater Columbia, South Carolina area, including all of Richland and Lexington counties.

April 5 – 6, 2014

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  • Nancy K. Butterworth Nancy K. Butterworth
  • Jean Capalbo Jean Capalbo
  • Ruby DeLoach Ruby DeLoach
  • Michael Donkle Michael Donkle
  • Clark Ellefson Clark Ellefson
  • Renea Eshleman Renea Eshleman
  • Betty Evans Betty Evans
  • Nora Floyd Nora Floyd
  • Tim Floyd Tim Floyd
  • Mary Gilkerson Mary Gilkerson
  • Diane Gilbert Diane Gilbert
  • Bonnie Goldberg Bonnie Goldberg
  • Lyssa Harvey Lyssa Harvey
  • Mary Ann Haven Mary Ann Haven
  • Howard Hunt Howard Hunt
  • Judy Bolton Jarett Judy Bolton Jarett
  • Russell Jeffcoat Russell Jeffcoat
  • Alicia Leeke Alicia Leeke
  • Whitney LeJeune Whitney LeJeune
  • Patrick Mahoney Patrick Mahoney
  • Chappy Manning Chappy Manning
  • Regina Moody Regina Moody
  • Julia Moore Julia Moore
  • Paige Morris Paige Morris
  • One Eared Cow Glass, Inc. One Eared Cow Glass, Inc.
  • Patrick Parise Patrick Parise
  • Carol Pittman Carol Pittman
  • Carolyn Ramsay Carolyn Ramsay
  • Cindy Saad Cindy Saad
  • Jane Schwantes Jane Schwantes
  • John Sharpe John Sharpe
  • Marion Soule Marion Soule
  • Kevin Smith Kevin Smith
  • Laura Spong Laura Spong
  • Curran Stone Curran Stone
  • Lisa Strally Lisa Strally
  • Jan Swanson Jan Swanson
  • Christian Thee Christian Thee
  • Martha Thomas Martha Thomas
  • Nini Ward Nini Ward
  • Carey Weathers Carey Weathers
  • Mary Lynn Williams Mary Lynn Williams
  • Charlene Wells Charlene Wells
  • Lindsay Wiggins Lindsay Wiggins
  • Ellen Emerson Yaghjian Ellen Emerson Yaghjian

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