January 16 - march 2

jan Banning: down and out in the south

701 Center for Contemporary Art presented an exhibition by former 701 CCA artist in residence, Jan Banning. The project, Down and Out in the South, started in 2010 during his residency at the center. Banning received financial, personnel and logistics support from the center, from organizations and individuals working with homeless people in Columbia, and from local homeless people themselves.


March 27

Lewis Hine’s Factory Faces

The haunting photographs of children working in Southern textile mills made by Lewis Hine were instrumental in ending the practice of child labor in the United States. The sad dignity of these children has influenced many of our ideas about life in Southern mill villages and they are a direct source of inspiration for Madame Magar in the design and fabrication of her “Mill Collection.”

June 12

Herb Parker: Olympia Dialogue

For one of its summer 2014 exhibitions, 701 Center for Contemporary Art presented an outdoor, architectural installation by Charleston artist Herb Parker. Olympia Dialogue, Parker’s installation at 701 CCA, refers to, first, the dialogue between the structure and the various steeples and towers in the surrounding Olympia neighborhood. Second, it also refers to the structure, with its two seating chambers with skylights, as place for inspiration, spiritual experience and dialogue among people visiting the site and between visitors and the environment. In general, Parker, who combines architecture, sculpture and landscape, says he hopes “to achieve a synthesis with natural forms in the service of architectonic ideals to create a space existing in the theoretical yet grounded in the visceral: sound, smell and touch.”

July 12 - August 3

Bo Bartlett

Renowned realist painter Bo Bartlett exhibited his works, consisting mostly of large scale paintings.

August 21 - October 12

James Busby’s Figure 8

James Busby, winner of the 701 CCA Prize 2012 for young South Carolina artists, is among the state’s most successful artists, regularly selling out shows in New York and elsewhere. His superbly crafted, material-based, non-objective works of art are paintings and three-dimensional objects all at once. The paintings play with viewers’ perceptions as they are solid but precious; appear hard but are soft; seem heavy but are light; contain relief while looking flat; combine geometric and organic shapes; and at once are tactile and smooth.

October 30 - December 22

701 CCA Prize 2014

The 701 CCA Prize, organized by 701 Center for Contemporary Art in Columbia, S.C., is an art competition and exhibition for young professional South Carolina artists. The project’s purpose is to identify and recognize artists 40 years and younger whose work is exemplary in its originality, shows awareness of artistic developments and is of high artistic merit.

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April 5 - 6

Columbia Open Studios 2014

701 CCA Columbia Open Studios is an annual, self-led, driving tour of artists’ working studios spans the City of Columbia and Richland and Lexington Counties, showcasing the Midlands’ talented visual art community.

April 12

Madame Magar’s Mad Hatter’s tea party

Visitor got a rare peek into the world of designing, making and embellishing fine millinery. They learned all about this complex process in a behind the scenes workshop tour and demonstration led by Madame Magar. Antique wooden forms and fine straw fibers for molding the hats as well as an amazing array of embellishments awaited them. This event concluded with a traditional Southern tea, complete with pimento cheese and chicken salad finger sandwiches, deviled eggs (a Southern necessity!), homemade pickles, fresh from the oven red velvet cupcakes, and of course, plenty of South Carolina iced tea.

April 24

Madame Magar’s Fashion fete

A celebration was held for the finale of Madame Magar’s Workshop with a fashion performance and party! Visitors witnessed the culmination of Madame Magar’s creative workshop installation featuring the Mill Collection of work garments including, frocks, aprons and hats – inspired by Lewis Hine’s photographs of children textile mill workers. This unique “fashion show” featured members of the Power Company as models and original music compositions using found sounds, along with other surprise elements, performed by Charleston-based composer and artist Nick Jenkins.


May 14 - 17

701 CCA’s Great Garage Sale 2014

A fundraising event held by 701 CCA in which attendees were able to purchase items donated for the event.

October 1

James Busby: A conversation with Wim Roefs

James Busby talked to 701 CCA board chair Wim Roefs about the essence of sanding all day long, making people scratch their head, John Cage’s sound advice, Morandi’s tips for better seeing, and string theory of the Sandback variety. He traced his amazing ten-year trajectory from a garage in Chapin, S.C., to big galleries and critical acclaim in Stockholm, London, Paris, Washington, DC, and New York City. Refreshments were served.

November 21, 29 & December 2

701 CCA Prize 2014 Artist Talk Series

Each of our 701 CCA Prize finalists presented individual art talks in the gallery. Visitors got the chance to get to know our finalists, the process behind their works and the inspiration behind the art they’ve created. 2014’s Prize was the second installment of the biennial event. The finalists for the 701 CCA Prize 2014 were Andrew Blanchard of Spartanburg, Shannon Lindsey of Columbia and Karen Ann Myers of Charleston. The 701 CCA Prize 2014 is a competition and exhibition for South Carolina artists 40 years and younger.

December 3

701 CCA Prize Celebration and Winner Announcement

701 Center for Contemporary Art in Columbia, S.C., presented the 701 CCA Prize Celebration and Winner Announcement. The finalists for the 701 CCA Prize 2014 were Andrew Blanchard of Spartanburg, Shannon Rae Lindsey of Columbia and Karen Ann Myers of Charleston. The finalists were in attendance and the winner is Shannon Rae Lindsey. The event featured music by The Reggie Sullivan Band and the exhibition catalogue were presented. 2014’s Prize was a second installment of the biennial event and that ran through December 21. The 701 CCA Prize 2014 is a competition and exhibition for South Carolina artists 40 years and younger.

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September 23

Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast: Drawing Workshop with James Busby

Though his work consists of non objective abstract paintings, the heart of his studio practice is based on drawing – on the simple act of putting a pencil to paper, creating space. The ability to draw an object as one sees it is of great importance and the only way to abstract from life. During the workshop, participants focused on crafting a drawing of a still life that asks them to look closely at the objects

December 13

Building with Pictures: A SCULPTING and Printmaking Workshop with Frank Poor

Building with Pictures combined the art of creating wood forms and image transferring. Participants were asked to collect images of buildings, places and/or people that have personal significance and bring them to the workshop. Using inkjet, printing, scanning and transfer techniques, these images became the surfaces of a simple architectural form.

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