701 CCA Youth Summer Art Workshops now offering full days!

(COLUMBIA, S.C.) – The five sessions of 701 Center for Contemporary Art’s Youth Summer  Art Workshops have been announced for 2019 and they are open for registration.  Each year, the Youth Summer Art Workshops at 701 CCA provide an opportunity for  children ages 6 to 17 to explore a variety of artistic disciplines through hands-on experience,  creating work under the guidance of local artists and art instructors. For the first time, and at  the request of many parents, these workshops have now been extended from a half day to a  full day. Each workshop is Monday through Friday, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.  

A focus of this year’s sessions is to connect with STEAM learning standards, by  integrating the core disciplines of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. For  example, in the third session, titled ‘Space Walk: Digital Painting,’ students will explore the  creative process of mark-making through computer science and technology by using  commercial accelerometers in conjunction with an open source microprocessor. At the end of  the workshop, they will present an interdisciplinary performance where a digital painting is  produced in real-time.  

The offerings of the Youth Summer Art Workshops are specifically designed to build  skills in creativity and decision making. These multi-disciplinary activities attract students  who may not have otherwise participated in an arts-related activity, and encourage them to  pursue arts opportunities throughout the next school year.  

-Learn more about each Youth Summer Art Workshop below 

Session 1 – Mosaic Madness | Ages 13-17  

Students will explore the history and contemporary process of mosaics to create unique  designs, choose beautiful tesserae and produce their own mosaic piece to take home.  

Session 2 – Woodworking & Hand Tool Workshop | Ages 13-17  

Students will learn woodworking techniques to produce their own wooden hand-tools and  create a Japanese style box, while learning about design, mathematical angles and the  structural principles of wood.  

Session 3 – Space Walk: Digital Painting | Ages 13-17 

Students will explore computer science and technology to build an electronic device that will  transmit their movements to produce an interactive picture. At the end of the workshop, they  will present an interdisciplinary performance for family and friends where a digital painting is  produced in real-time. 

Session 4 – Pop, Flip and Create: Paper Mechanics | Ages 6-8  

Students will learn the basic principles of making 3-dimensional paper art and creating the  optical illusion of motion through the creation of Zoetrope animation, shadow puppets and  squash books. 

Session 5 – Indian Folk Art | Ages 9-12  

Students will explore the history, motifs and techniques of Indian folk art styles such as  Madhubani, which uses bright colors and intricate patterns, and Warli, which creates  characters using a simple and complex line style. 

To register or learn more about each session and instructor,  

visit www.701cca.org/summercamp.  


About 701 Center for Contemporary Art  

701 CCA is a non-profit visual arts center that promotes understanding, appreciation and  enjoyment of contemporary art, the creative process and the role of art and artists in the  community. The center also encourages interaction between visual and other art forms.  

701 CCA is located at 701 Whaley Street, 2nd Floor, Columbia, SC 29201. During exhibitions,  hours are Wed-Sat 11–5; Sun 1-5. For more information, visit www.701cca.org.  

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