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We are currently accepting artist proposals for our residency program:


701 CCA offers an Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program in a 1,200 square-foot live/work unit on the second floor of 701 Whaley.

Artists in residence at the center create new works while in residence. Generally, an exhibition or some public presentation of these works takes place during or shortly after the residency.

In most cases, artists in residence are also expected to involve the community in some fashion. Professional artists are selected through a competitive selection process and may be local, regional, national or international. Residencies last for six, ten or twelve weeks.

For more information on applying contact or click the apply button above.

Current Artist-in-Residence:

Yvette Cummings Arendt of Conway, SC was our 2016 701 CCA Prize winner. She will be completing the second half of her residency at 701 CCA in May. The first half was completed in May of 2017. Her current body of work presents a moment of transition between experiences of recalled child abuse and the dynamics of motherhood. She explores the relationships her daughters have with one another and the complicated path of youth, beauty, and femininity. The struggles of adolescence include navigating the dynamics of family, sibling rivalry, and transitions into adulthood. She depicts her daughters during these times in relation to one another, and herself. 

 Yvette L. Cummings,  When The Magpie Came , 2016, acrylic on canvas,48”x48”

Yvette L. Cummings, When The Magpie Came, 2016, acrylic on canvas,48”x48”

 Yvette L. Cummings,  Voyeur Series , 2015–16, acrylic and cut paper on canvas, 15 panels, 14” x 14” each

Yvette L. Cummings, Voyeur Series, 2015–16, acrylic and cut paper on canvas, 15 panels, 14” x 14” each


Cummings uses damask and floral patterns to flatten the spatial aspects of the work. These very traditional patterns create a visual abstraction and represent the confusion that occurs over time and space. Te figures are pushed to the foreground, and in contrast to the patterns, challenge our role in the gaze we place on adolescence and the expectations that come with beauty. During her residency, Cummings will further explore these themes.

This solo exhibition will feature work created throughout the duration of Cummings’ residency that explores themes outlined in detail above. The show will be comprised of two-dimensional paintings and installations.



Reception Admission: members, free; non-members, $5 suggested donation