Jordan Sheridan

In Residence May 13, 2024
- August 13, 2024

Jordan Sheridan was born in Northeastern Arkansas in 1989. She became a mother to her son, Samuel, in 2017 and began graduate school at the University of South Carolina shortly after. As a mother pursuing an MFA degree, Sheridan’s work organically shifted to include a personal examination of motherhood. This change in research pushed her from working primarily in 2-D painting to 3-D artmaking via large-scale textile installations. Sheridan’s studio practice unites painting, sculpture, and installation as she explores the visual dimensions of identity and motherhood. Since completing her MFA degree, Sheridan has continued exploring these textile landscapes and vibrant paintings, all evolving with her multifaceted experience of motherhood and an underlying query of interconnectedness.

Sheridan is currently a full-time faculty instructor and discipline coordinator of painting at the University of South Carolina. She resides with her partner and young children in Columbia, South Carolina.

Artist Statement


My work documents and aestheticizes the multifaceted experience of motherhood, where boundaries dissolve and identities entangle. Each work serving as a visual narrative, capturing the paradoxical nature of this expansion—a tapestry woven with threads of care, connection, and infinite devotion, interspersed with moments of fragmentation, disorder, and flux. My installations offer a tactile exploration of motherhood's complexities, encouraging reflection on identity shaped by relationships and societal norms. My work explores existential questions, influenced by my curiosity in quantum physics and the concept of molecular oneness. It acknowledges the interconnectedness of existence on both micro and macro levels, including the profound bond between mother and child. It is an odyssey that embraces fluid identity and finds beauty in the spaces between roles and expectations, resonating universally.


Scenes from a Residency