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Artist Statement 

My work represents inventory artifacts – slivers of the past whose origins have long been obscured.I reconstruct rituals, folktales, and superstitions in a continuation that builds on all previous iterations, inciting the viewer to investigate our collective history. I want to affirm the need to navigate an uncertain and unpredictable future world by creating a narrative that constantly considers the past while foretelling an ongoing relationship with history.

I render these themes in large scale wood-cut wall sculptures, utilizing a bright palette that employs the visual language of global folk art traditions. These sculptures provide a new context for ideas that have often been relegated to peripheral spaces or overlooked as simple tchotchke. With shape and form that fluctuates between painting and sculpture, I examine mythology as a manifestation of humanity’s ability to anthropomorphize even the smallest facets the natural world. Recent work examines rituals resulting from the need to look outward, studying methods of divination; oracles that have disappeared from practice and those that have existed into the present day.

Artist Bio 

Adam du Shole was (b. Newport, RI – 1980) to a Navy family, and spent the subsequent 18 years moving around the United States. Following graduation with a BA in Comparative Literature, he relocated to Tokyo, Japan to teach ESL. During his time in Japan, he found a renewed interest in the arts, returning to the US where he enrolled in the Rochester Institute of Technology’s MFA program in 2D Animation. After, again, relocating to New York City he pursued a career in arts working in a variety of fields including animation, advertising, design and visual merchandising. Eventually coming to the conclusion that he probably should have majored in studio arts to begin with, he moved to Taylors, SC in 2015 and began developing his own body work, eventually landing his first solo exhibitions in both Greenville Spartanburg, SC in 2020, displaying work in a number of localsolo and group exhibitions since.

Sarcobela (cube configuration)

Year: 2023

Medium: Mixed Media

Exhibition: South Carolina Biennial 2023 Part II


Year: 2021

Medium: Mixed Media

Exhibition: South Carolina Biennial 2023 Part II

Laelaps & the Teumessian Fox

Year: 2022

Medium: Mixed media

Exhibition: South Carolina Biennial 2023 Part II