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An ink and pencils maestro, Roc Bottom has garnered praise from hundreds for his stylistic and innovative approach to his craft. His creative works have been featured in The Underwire Online magazine with his creator-owned comic, Lion’s Den Revolution, the first comic to ever be presented in digital desktop format. Other comedic credits include Trenchcoats, Cigarettes, and Shotguns for Conquest Comics, Queen of Sin and Master’s Devils for Legion Studios, and 803 from 803 Studios. Roc is a former member of Truthful Comics, where his titles include Order,  Shadowclub Karma, and Jet Boy: Dawn of K.R.O.N.O.S., a comic/animated series. Roc also has his hand in the fashion world as co-owner of One Cloth1ng and his new line Johnny Rocketz which features custom shoes and t-shirts.

Recently, Roc has partnered up with producer Mustafa Saied, and writer JD Lawrence to start a production company that will produce original content for several networks and streaming services. He is currently directing the animated project Jet Boy, along with Mike Sofoluke, producing/writing the animated Shadowclub Karma project, and producing the Dark Goddess animated series.

Roc Bottom has been featured in gallery shows, conventions, and art shows such as 701 Gallery, Anastasia and Friends, Cola-Con, Punk Monkey Comics, Heroes and Dragons comics, Cayce-West Columbia Library, South Congaree-Pine Ridge Library,  and Art Bar Agora, to name a few.