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J. Alex Schechter

My work traffics heavily in material symbolism. I make sculptures which combine traditional woodworking methods, digital fabrication and found objects with video and animation to explore the myths of the Manifest Destiny and the Wild West. I make physical objects that embody not only my deep ambivalence around my familial history but also my personal attraction to and rejection of American mythology. Enigmatic and corporeal, these objects hover between the spaces of architecture and sculpture; put otherwise, they oscillate between functional, performative, and static states, seeking to tackle the ego of American culture with both humor and rigor. Through woodworking, digital modeling, found objects, performance, drawing and conceptual building, I complicate and call into question multiple narratives of cosmology, ownership, and frontiers.

Xanthus (Elegy)

Year: 2023

Medium: Poplar, sycamore, steel, resin, acrylic paint, Bondo, spray paint, turnbuckles, wire, rubber tubing, bronze

Exhibition: South Carolina Biennial 2023 Part II

Western Antimonies

Year: 2022

Medium: MDF, PLA, fir, house paint, spray texture, wiggle flowers, plasti-dip, hardware, cast resin & enamel

Exhibition: South Carolina Biennial 2023 Part II