Exhibition: Valerie Zimany – And I Was Covered In Blossoms

701 Center for Contemporary Art 

701 Whaley St., 2nd Floor, Columbia, SC 29201 

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Michaela Pilar Brown, Interim Executive Director 

(803) 319-9949 | [email protected] 


Ceramicist Valerie Zimany will exhibit her work in a solo show entitled And I Was Covered in  Blossoms at the CCA gallery from Sept. 10 until Oct. 25, 2020.  

Zimany’s pieces incorporate “borrowed and appropriated images from the histories of art,  nature, and society” to show connections in the various aspects of culture. She creates  contrast in each of the elements of her work, which allows her to “force relationships or  question compatibility, and parallel a feeling of wandering out of place at just the right time.”  Zimany says her work contains “distantly familiar archetypes from 1970’s electronics and  design, traditional textile patterns, vintage enameled china, and manga or graffiti” in  unexpected pairings which “are often colored with uneasy sensuality or aggressiveness.”  Zimany’s choices in color and imagery are her tools to “visually examine complex  relationships between the East and West, nature and technology, and intimate and public  worlds.”  

Zimany is currently Interim Chair and Associate Professor of Art, Ceramics, at Clemson  University. Her work is informed by her perspective as an American artist with formal training  in Japan. Zimany completed her MFA at Kanazawa College of Art in Japan and spent three  years as an artist-in-residence at the Utatsuyama Craft Workshop in Kanazawa. Her  residency was spent “researching contemporary craft and traditional Kutani overglaze  enamels.” Zimany’s studies evolved into her current series, Porcelain Fever, a project  originally sponsored by a Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad grant.  

701 CCA’s mission is to promote understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of contemporary  art. With a gallery and live-work space for an Artist-in-Residence program, the Center  provides artists with resources to develop, create and exhibit visual arts in conjunction with  performing, literary and media arts. 701 CCA also offers year-round cultural programming,  including contemporary art exhibitions and events that are free and open to the public. 

For further inquiries or high-resolution images, contact Michaela Pilar Brown, Interim  Executive Director, at [email protected] or (803) 319-9949. 

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