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Current Exhibition:

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Artist Talk: Thursday, September 27, 6 pm

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 27, 7-9 pm

Exhibition: September 13 - October 28, 2018

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Contemporary psychology defines affect as the feeling or experience that is associated with an emotion or the act of displaying and exhibiting emotions through gestures or facial expressions. 

AFFECT-ED, BEING offers a contemporary approach to portraiture and being through a series of installation-based, painting, sculpture, video, and performance works. Each object presented, is rife with narrative-based signifiers highlighting the individual’s place among society alongside the functioning of the human mind. 

As paint coats the surface, this life is re-contextualized with purpose, enhanced for public display. Site-specific installation is paired with bright colors, dramatic lighting, audio and video to provide a sensory experience that will lead viewers throughout the psyche/space. Each persona hinges on my embodiment of the subject, as insecurity, dependence, compulsion, etc. (the human condition) are employed visually and/or metaphorically in the process/final presentation. A cycle of obsessive-compulsive behaviors and subconscious, coping mechanisms are revealed in the daily interactions between the self-aware object and the complex, yet fragile human. Non-traditional materials, once discarded from the home, range in use, historical context, and class as they place the individual experience within the framework of contemporary art for a subversive look at consumption.

Brittany M. Watkins would like to extend eternal gratitude to the helpful hands which made this installation a reality. 

Thank you,

Melika Tavasol Bagheri, Nick Boismenu, Satia Brackett, Anderson Breeland, Tom Chinn, Eric Duncan, Callie Hoyson, Lee Ann Kornegay, Jessica Luskin, Caleigh McDaniel, Michelle Miller, Anais Parada, David Redick, Megan Roe, Wim Roefs, Brianna Selph, Danielle Thorner and Jaishree Webster   

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Artist Bio:   


Brittany M. Watkins is an interdisciplinary artist based in Georgia & Florida. Her installation-based practice incorporates painting, sculpture, audio, video, and performance as she moves back and forth between physical and theoretical spaces. Watkins received the Juried Panel Prize ($25,000.00) in ArtFields 2017 for her installation titled:


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