Mana Hewitt’s Persistence Women’s History Trivia Night

Tuesday, August 20, 7:30 p.m. 

Olympia Room 

Admission: $15 non-members, $10 members (Free admission for participating teams) 

701 Whaley 

701 Whaley St., 2nd Floor, Columbia, SC 29201 

Contact: Hannah Shepard 

701 Center for Contemporary Art 

701 Whaley St., 2nd Floor, Columbia, SC 29201 

(803) 319–9949 

[email protected] 

701 Center for Contemporary Art invites Columbia’s trivia aficionados to 701 Whaley on  Tuesday, August 20, 7:30 p.m. for our anticipated “Women’s History Trivia Night,” presented  in the conjunction with Persistence, the exhibition currently on view at the 701 CCA gallery. By artist Mana Hewitt, Persistence features over fifty medal portraits in recognition of female  trailblazers who have paved the way for women’s rights and social standing in the United  States and worldwide. The medals represent renowned female figures, including Ruth Bader  Ginsburg, Helen Keller, Sonia Sotomayer, Amelia Earhart, Sojourner Truth, Frida Kahlo, and  more. They also provide biographical information about each female’s historical or present day significance. 

If you and your friends have seen Persistence or just know a lot about women’s history, it is  time to put your knowledge to the test! We invite groups of 4 to register as trivia teams.  Event admission and registration is free for participating teams, and offered on a first come,  first served basis, with a maximum of 6 teams. Although we truly believe in the pursuit of  knowledge and fun for the sake of them, event admission will be free for participants, and in kind (this sentence confuses me). Prizes will additionally be awarded to each member of the  winning team and the following top-ranking teams! 

Currently registered teams to note include a team of women from The Supper Table project  organized by Columbia’s Jasper Project magazine with the team name “The Squad,” as well  as a group of women from Historic Columbia and the University of South Carolina’s Women  & Gender Studies Program. The competition is sure to be fierce!  

Would you like to participate, but don’t have a team? We also invite women to volunteer as  question readers! As a reader, you will get to help be given a fact, quote or biography blurb  to read for the participating trivia teams, helping thus to keep the game running by posing  challenging questions, quotes or facts to participating teams, during the event as you 

network with like-minded people from your community. Admission to the event is free for  volunteer questions readers. There is no fee to participate in the event as a reader. nor a cap  on the number of total reader volunteers we can accept. 

To register as a team or question reader, contact Hannah Shepard at [email protected] or  803.319.9949. There are only a few team slots left! Registration for teams and readers ends  at 5 p.m. on August 20, 2019. (we are going to allow teams to form the night of) Teams must  provide a team name, number of team members, the names of all members and contact  information for at least one member. They must also nominate a captain during registration.  (don’t want it to feel like there are too many requirements) Volunteer readers only need to  provide their contact information. Please get in touch with Hannah Shepard at  [email protected] or (803) 319-9949 to participate! 

Finally, although active participation is encouraged, you can always get involved simply by  joining in the fun as a viewer.  

Whether you are participating or would just like to watch, join us for this fun night of trivia  celebrating women who have played a vital role in the arts, science, politics, law, sports,  entertainment and many other fields throughout history! You will be in for a treat, with plenty  of food not only for thought, but also for the stomach with a cash bar and pizza from The  Village Idiot. (still waiting to confirm Village Idiot) 

Ticket URL: tickets-68300337147 

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701 CCA is a non-profit visual arts center that promotes understanding, appreciation and  enjoyment of contemporary art in Columbia, SC, as well as of the creative process and the  role of art and artists in the community. The center also encourages interaction between  visual and other art forms. Admission to all exhibitions is free. 

701 CCA is located at 701 Whaley Street, 2nd Floor, Columbia, SC 29201. During exhibitions,  hours are Wed-Sat 11–5; Sun 1-5. For more information, visit For further inquiries or high-resolution images, contact [email protected] or call (803)  319-9949. Please check the 701 CCA website for additional information on the exhibition and  associated events.  

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