Summer Camp


701 CCA Summer Camp

Each summer, 701 Center for Contemporary Art offers Youth Summer Art Workshops. Children and teens ages 6 to 17 have the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the arts, creating artwork under the guidance of local artists and art instructors. Students are able to work in several art making activities!

Classes are held at 701 CCA’s Artist-in-Residence studio loft, located on the second floor of the historic 701 Whaley building in Columbia. The building was once the community center for mill workers and residents of the nearby Olympia mill village. Now Columbia’s budding artists can join the creative community at 701 CCA.

All skill levels are welcome to every workshop! Materials are included with each workshop and make sure to bring snacks or lunch for break time each day.


Calling all instructors!

We are now accepting proposals for 2019 Youth Summer Art Workshops at 701 CCA, happening June 24 - August 2. Deadline is January 31.

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Check out last year’s Summer Camp Schedule Below (2018)

Session 1 – Dovetail Box and Hand Tool Workshop

June 4 – 8, 2018 | 9:00 am – 1:00 pm | Ages 9 – 17

Members: $105; Non – Members: $120

Students will learn fundamental woodworking and hand tool skills to create their own dovetail box with a sliding lid. By discussing the nature of trees and the organic composition of wood, they will learn to work with the material efficiently and gain a deeper understanding of one of our oldest and most valuable traditions. The class will cover some simple math and geometry as well as structural and artistic design concepts which will help us to make a strong and beautiful box.

Instructor: Greg Alexander graduated from USC with dual degrees of music composition and political science. Mr. Alexander studied guitar building and began building instruments in Columbia in 2011, having two guitars on exhibit at the SC State Museum. He worked at Camp Pinnacle in North Carolina for 6 weeks, where he was a counselor for 13-14 year olds and taught multiple classes daily on nature skills to groups aged 7-17. He is a full-time woodworker.


Session 2 – Brayers on Layers

June 11 – 15, 2018 | 9:00 am – 1:00 pm | Ages 9 – 17

Members: $110; Non – Members: $125

Students will jump start their creativity by connecting with the work of an inspiring artist: Jasper Johns. The goal of this class is to spend a week learning new printmaking techniques. Students will create a series of artworks where they choose the subject matter/theme. From South Carolina and one of the most famous artists still alive and making new work, Jasper Johns has a wide range of processes to learn from and spark inspiration. Students will learn the secrets of why a collograph works, how it’s like a collage and what makes it a type of printmaking. Lastly, since brayers are a printmaking tool for rolling ink onto a surface, and because a collograph requires the use of layers in the design, this funky/fun learning experience is called “Brayer with Layers.”

Instructor: Chris Stafford has been a public high school art teacher for 19 years, along with working with middle schoolers, at the YMCA, and at an alternative school in New Mexico for a year. He received his Master’s degree from USC, but says he found his life’s calling when he spent a summer as a camp counselor. Mr. Stafford is an extremely enthusiastic art teacher who has a special talent for keeping students engaged and excited.


Session 3 – Kinetic Sculpture

June 18 – 22, 2018 | 9:00 am – 1:00 pm | Ages 9 – 17

Members: $110; Non – Members: $125

In this class, every student will create a hanging, interactive sculpture! Each design will be unique and developed intuitively; responding to the need for light, shape, engagement of space, and movement. Students will use sustainable materials such as pliable reed, and manipulate them into hybrid forms. The armature will be composed of linear reed and bond together with string. In the final stage, vibrant natural paper will be purposefully placed to define the positive and negative space.

Instructor: Blakely Sheely is a certified K-12 art educator. She has a BA in studio art from Winthrop University and a Masters in Art Teaching from Lander University. Ms. Sheely is a working artist in fiber, ceramics, jewelry, and metals. She is a National Board Certified 3D art educator at Dutch Fork High School, where she has taught sculpture for nine years. She has also taught workshops for children at The Bead Café, The Beaded Venus, and the Columbia Museum of Art.


Session 4 – Multicultural Masks and Aztec Relief Carving

June 25 – 29, 2018 | 9:00 am – 1:00 pm | Ages 13 – 17

Members: $105; Non – Members: $120

Students will explore different cultures throughout the world to find inspiration to create a unique mask! Students will mix, carve, and stain their decorative masks using Plaster of Paris, among other materials. Specifically, students will look at how the Aztecs used relief carving in their own culture. Each student will create their own relief carving of various size based on their own individual design.

Instructor: Sean Lafaye has taught art at both the elementary and middle school level for the past 14 years. He currently teaches art at Carolina Springs Middle School and has taught at both summer camps at the Columbia Museum of Art, as well as Florence Ones Gifted and Talented program. Mr. Lafaye has received Teacher of The Year in each of the three school districts has worked. He has a BS in Art education, a Master’s in elementary education, and National Board Certification in Art.


Session 6 – Mosaics

July 16 – 20, 2018 | 9:00 am – 1:00 pm | Ages 13 – 17

Members: $105; Non – Members: $120

In this class, each student will create their own beautiful mosaic piece to take home! Students will learn the process for making a successful mosaic using glass, tile and various found objects. This class will explore the creative process of planning a mosaic and over the course of one week, the students will design their mosaic, choose their tesserae, build the mosaic and grout and clean it to reveal their unique design.

Instructor: Kevin Pettit received his BFA from Winthrop University in 1991 and his Masters of Arts in Teaching from the USC in 2000. He currently teaching visual arts and is the yearbook advisor at Irmo High School and previously taught at Mid Carolina Middle School. Mr. Pettit is a National Board Certified teacher and a semi-pro musician.


Session 7 – Exploring with Fabrics

July 23 – 27, 2018 | 9:00 am – 1:00 pm | Ages 6 – 17

Members: $110; Non – Members: $125

Students will be introduced to how different materials react to fibers in this class. They will experiment with multiple mediums and create several small exercises as they explore through ink, dye, paint, resist, and transfer. Students will ultimately complete two final artworks using multiple processes, including image transfers onto fabric and image resist using dye. Students will get to take home one personal item (t-shirt, socks, pillow case, apron, etc.) that they have created with techniques learned throughout the week. They will learn concepts stemming from compositional basics to color, texture, shape, pattern, rhythm, movement and space. (Please bring one personal item to dye.)

Instructor: Bethany M. Brown has been an educator for 5 years and currently teaches art at Dutch Fork Middle School in Lex-Rich 5. Ms. Brown has her BA degree in art education from Winthrop University and a BFA with a concentration in painting/drawing. Her mother was a teacher and she grew up teaching in summer camps and as a youth leader.


Session 8 – Collage, Color & Contour

July 30 – August 3, 2018 | 9:00 am – 1:00 pm | Ages 13 – 17

Members: $105; Non – Members: $120

In this class, students will learn contour drawing techniques, marbling methods, printmaking and mixed media. They will create using a variety of materials, including block print ink, magazines, chalk pastels, and more! Exciting concepts that will be explored throughout this class include color theory, abstraction and a lot of expression. Come prepared to get quirky, fun, and a little messy!

Instructor: Jaime M. Chason has taught Visual Art for four years at the high school level and K-12 at Satchel Ford Elementary and Spring Valley High Schools.  She specializes in mixed media, printmaking, ceramics and digital photography. Jaime is also a counselor with Girls Rock Columbia.


Young Artists Festival!

August 10, 12-3pm, 2019

The event will showcase selected works from each young artist attending our 701 CCA Summer Art Workshops in an exhibition at 701 Whaley’s hallway gallery. 701 CCA will invite other organizations with youth programs to participate and provide activities such as games, creative activities, performances, food vendors and more. It will be an incredibly fun time and we hope to see you there.

Contact us at 803.319.9949 or at for registration information and details.


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